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Music in the curriculum

Music Grade 7 - 10

Music is a very essential part of curriculum for MYP secondary students Year 1 until Year 6 (Grade 7 until 12) in Sekolah Victory Plus, Bekasi. Furthermore, to make it more challenging and deepening, it is an elective course for students Grade 10 to 12, which they will choose a very specific instrument in 3 big main division : orchestra, band and choir. Therefore students from grade 10 to 12 are expected to be fluent in playing instrument and singing as well. To have a continuous musical appreciation as a lifelong culture, people can only start it by understanding music from the very core : Performing. Music performance is the entry gate of music education for our kids. It is also the future of our music cultural development as a nation.  This is the main objective of music curriculum in Sekolah Victory Plus.

To formulate a very serious curriculum in producing a very serious music is nevertheless impossible for general school like this since we are not a music school nor the one that affiliated to any music institution. Music curriculum has also the biggest challenge to adapt the National Curriculum in a very dynamic country like Indonesia. However, big optimism grows up every year since many schools can make a quiet good performing arts and exhibition for so many years. A few are very brilliant to make annual concerts since they have an established school symphony orchestra. Sekolah Victory Plus is one of them.

To make all of these things happen we make a very sorted general outlines for our music education in Sekolah Victory Plus. Since we are an IB School we want to highlights 3 Main Outcomes in our music curriculum. Those 3 are Listening, Composing and Performing. Thus, grade 7 until 12 is very familiar with these three main outcomes in the learning experience. We hope that this blog can helps you to understand what your children should achieved based on their level.

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